What is UPSC Exam Eligibility, Educational, Qualification? Full Details

What is UPSC

We are going to talk about UPSC, what is UPSC? Which exam UPSC does, what should be our eligibility for whatever exam UPSC conducts. What should be the age limit, then answers to all these questions will be found here. You will find the stimulus of the questions given below.

  • What is UPSC?
  • When was the UPSC established?
  • What are the exams conducted by UPSC?
  • Who can give UPSC exam?
  • How many opportunities will be available for UPSC exams?
  • What is the procedure for giving the UPSC exam?
  • How to prepare for UPSC?
  • Where do you get a job in UPSC?

Before knowing about UPSC, it is very important to know about PSC. I have told you in detail about PSC.

  • What is the PSC Full Form?
  • When was the PSC established?

What is the PSC Full Form?

The full form of PSC is “Public Service Commission” and it is “Public Service Commission” in Hindi. PSC is an organization of the government, by which officers of both Group-A and Group-B Groups are selected by this institution.

When was the PSC established?

PSC was established on 1 October 1926. The PSC was established before independence. Now know about UPSC.

What is UPSC?

UPSC’s full form is “Union Public Service Commission” ie “Union Public Service Commission”. UPSC is a central institution of India, “Union Public Service Commission” On 28 October 1950 (Public Service Commission), that is, many changes have been made in the PSC. All the rights of the PSC were distributed in those rights and it was changed from PSC to UPSC. The most important job of UPSC is to select first-class officers and second class officers. Or choose civil servants as well. Through UPSC itself, officers of Grade-A and Grade-B are recruited in IAS, IPS, IRS, and other grades in addition to the country.

When was the UPSC established?

The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) was established on October 24, 1950. Which PSC was converted into Union Public Service Commission.

What are the exams conducted by UPSC?

UPSC “Union Public Service Commission is the central institution of India. The UPSC institute conducts exams for about 24 posts, such as civil examinations IAS, IPS, NDA, CMS, and ESE, etc. Union Public Service Commission is also responsible for examinations of Indian and Central Group employees who are Grade-A and Grade-B employees.

Following are the names of some exams:-

  • Civil Service Examination (CSE)
  • Special Class Railway Trainee (SCRA)
  • Engineering Services Examination (ESE)
  • Combined Defense Service Exam (CDSE)
  • National Defense Examination (NDA)
  • Indian Forest Service (IFS)
  • Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
  • Indian Police Service (IPS)
  • Indian Revenue Service (IRS),
  • Indian Computer Services (IES),
  • National Defense Academy (NDA)
  • Naval Academy (NA)
  • Joint Medical Services (CMS)
  • Indian Forest Service (IFS)
  • Central Armed Police Force (CAPF)

Out of all these exams, you have to choose which exam you want to give. It depends on you what you want to be next. According to that, you can choose any exam.

Who can take the UPSC exam?

  • Education Qualification: – Let’s talk about education qualification first, then students who have completed their graduation can give the exam of Union Public Service Commission. Or such students who are in the last semester of graduation, then they can also give Union Public Service Commission exams.
  • Age Limit:- Now of talking age, it is shown in the following to give UPSC exams.
    General category – After 21 years and a maximum of 32 years, you cannot give an exam.
    SC / ST – 5 years relaxation is given in the age limit.
    Other Backward Class – The age limit of 3 years is relaxed.

How many opportunities will be available for the UPSC exam?

Examination opportunities in Union Public Service Commission are also divided based on category, which is shown in the following.

  • General class – can give exams 4 times.
  • OBC – Can give exam 6 times.
  • Other categories – Unlimited exam can be given. They can give exams as many times as they want, but they can give up to 35 years only.

What is the procedure for giving the UPSC exam?

Understand the examination process given below very carefully. Union Public Service Commission has 3 process exams, which are shown below.

  • Preliminary Examination: – This exam is conducted around June and July, in this phase of the exam, we have to give two papers. 1. General Studies, 2. Civil Service Aptitude Test, in which each paper carries 200 marks. All the questions in this are all objective type in which you just have to tick. You get 2-2 hours to take this exam.

Note: – The marks of all the examinations of Preliminary Examination are not added to the final examinations. And without passing the Preliminary Examination, you cannot take the Main Examination. Only the marks obtained in the Main Exam and Interview are added to the Final Merit of the IAS Examination. And in the same proportion, your rank is determined.

  • Main Examination: – Which is the main exam, in this, you have to give 9 papers. There are 150 to 200 questions in this question. It is a total of 1850 marks. You get 3 – 3 hours for each paper. These are the main exams which take place in the months of November and December.
  1. 1st Question Paper: – Which will be the first question, in this you will get 18 Indian languages. You can give exams by choosing one of the 18 languages. This paper is of 300 marks, which consists of 20 to 25 questions. And keep in mind that the number you will get in it is not added to the final number.
  2. 2nd Question Paper: – After this, the second paper which is there is in the English language. In this paper, you have an exam of 300 marks. The marks of this paper are also not added to the final result.
  3. 3rd Question Paper: – In this, you have to write an essay, you have to write an essay. This paper consists of 2 parts, writing an essay on either of these two parts. This paper is of your 250 marks. The marks in this paper are added to the final result.
  4. 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Question Paper: – In all these papers, you get 250 marks paper and all these papers are your social, economic, and other issues. Exams are taken for the purpose of their understanding. In different issues and different situations, your knowledge of intelligence is tested.
  5. 8th and 9th Question Paper: – 8 and 9 papers are optional, you can choose according to your wishes. In each of these papers, you get 250 marks on each paper, that is, you get 500 marks by joining both the papers. The marks of both these papers add to your final result. If you want, you can get good marks in both these papers. In this, you select the paper that you are interested in so that you can score.
  • Interview:- You are interviewed in the month of February to April. This interview is the final and most important stage of the Civil Services Examination. You are called for an interview after passing the main examination. The interview total is 250 marks. All the points you will earn in this, you will get the statistics, all these points are added to the merit list. We can give an interview in any language.


How to prepare for UPSC?

There are three ways to prepare for Union Public Service Commission. Which is as follows. UPSC exam is a very big level exam. There is a lot of competition in this. How many people are unable to overcome this exam even after years of hard work. And if you really want to succeed, then keep in mind one thing that you will have to work very hard.

  • Join coaching: – Talking about preparing for Union Public Service Commission, there are many IAS, IPS, preparation coaches in the country, which you can join. There you will get every new information, news, and whatever information you have, updates of all these. You will also get a good reading atmosphere in coaching. Along with this, you will be made available through the coaching of many years’ paper and whatever study material is there.
  • With the help of the Internet: – If you use the Internet properly, then you should use your knowledge to grow. Whatever is the previous year’s paper is general knowledge, keep reading them all. In this way, you will get a lot of help from the Internet in preparing for UPSC.
  • NewsPaper: – This is the best way to increase your knowledge. Take the habit of reading many newspapers daily in Hindi and English. And if possible, join a library where you can find all the newspapers together to read you.

Where do you get a job in UPSC?

So as I have already told you that UPSC does the exam. So it depends on you which exam you have given by UPSC, and in which exam you have passed. If you pass the CSE (Civil Service Examination) conducted by the UPSC, then you can go to the posts of Group-A officers like Collector, Upper Collector, Secretary, etc. And there are many exams apart from CSE. Out of all these exams, whatever you pass the exam, you get a job accordingly.

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